Trulife Partial ‘Teardrop’ Encore Symmetrical Silicone Breast Form for Dark/Brown Skin – Partial to Moderate Coverage




Partial Encore 356 – Please use the chart as a guide only.  Start by matching with your current bra size first, then go up or down in number(s) depending on the fullness you wish to achieve.

Trulife Partial ‘Teardrop’ Symmetrical Silicone Breast Form for Dark/Brown Skin

A teardrop thin shell that offers soft, partial overall coverage.  Designed to provide the lightest and most natural symmetry for lumpectomy, post-lumpectomy, post-reconstruction and enhancement of underdeveloped breasts. The breast forms feature tapered edges to ensure a flawless and smooth profile under clothing

  • Sizes 1 – 11
  • Suitable for partial to moderate coverage following a lumpectomy, partial removal or just to give a fuller look
  • Fits many women and breast shapes from partial to moderate coverage for a seamless and smooth profile
  • Soft silicone with exterior silky-soft skin
  • Versatile symmetrical teardrop shape and lightweight
  • Fits many women and different surgery types
  • Provides a light and natural symmetry
  • Each form can be worn directly against the skin or inside a pocketed bra

Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 35 × 15 × 35 cm