Venotrain® Ulcertec Set of 2 Liners for the Treatment of Venous Leg Ulcers – 10 mmHg or 18 mmHg RAL


Ulcer Kit: 1 Beige Stocking and 2 Liners can be purchased separately from our website.



Venotrain® Ulcertec understocking pack contains 2 white Liners – 10 mmHg or 18 mmHg RAL

Venotrain® Ulcertec understocking is to be used as part of the Venotrain® Ulcertec 39 Ulcer System Kit.

Size Chart

Venotrain® Ulcertec 39 Ulcer System

Understocking 10mmHg RAL & Overstocking 23-27mmHg RAL


                              Leg Circumference (cm)


Ex-Small Normal

Small Normal

Medium Normal

Large Normal

Ex-Large Normal













Short Length A-D: below 40cm. (From below the knee to the heel)

Long Length A-D: above 40cm. (From below the knee to the heel)

Ankle cB: circumference at the narrowest above the ankle bone

Calf cC: circumference of calf at the widest

VenoTrain® Ulcertec System uses an overstocking 23-27mmHg/liner 10mmHg combination to create a unique pressure profile for the effective treatment of venous leg ulcers. Venous ulcers are the most severe type of chronic vein problem to treat.  The ulcertec system-Effect was developed and patented to provide a successful and comfortable compression therapy solution for this condition.  If your ulcer is severe, we have a stronger design with a higher degree of therapeutic pressure if recommended by your doctor.  This also depends on your symptoms, the tendency to heal and your personal acceptance.  If unsure, please speak to our Limited Orthotic practitioner on 07951 762 390.

How it works

The combination of a liner and outer stocking exerts the required gradient compression and increases the pressure on the veins, to stimulate the circulation on the lower leg so that the ulcer can heal. This effect is further increased by movement thereby supporting the natural skeletal muscle pump.

The white liner is made from skin-friendly material and holds the wound dressing in place on the leg.  The skin-coloured outer stocking can easily be applied over the liner without slipping or ‘biting’ into the leg, even during walking.  VenoTrain Ulcertec is comfortable to wear and feels and looks like an ordinary knee sock.


Special features

·         Dynamic X-pattern patented texture with integrated low elasticity rhomboid grid

·         Has functional high working pressure due to lower elasticity of the textile grid

·         High yielding in transverse direction, enabling easy application

·         Creates an immediate increase in compression when positioned below the knee

·         Therapeutically, recommended contact pressure of 39mmHg is provided permanently in the ankle region

·         Unique perfect match of overstocking and liner

·         The alternative to compression bandages with discreet appearance

·         Therapeutical effectiveness and cost savings proven in clinical studies

·         Perfect sizing, wide top border, easy application and removal

·         Textile mark Eco-Text standard 100

·         Double twined LYCRA® Elasthane yarn


Overstocking (Available separately on our website)

·         Natural Colour, open toe,  23-27mmHg

·         Network structure of crisscrossing spiral tapes

·         Simple to apply (pulled on over liner)

·         Offers additional pressure increase during mobility phase

·         Washable at up to 40°C



·         White, closed toe, 10 mmHg or 18 mmHg

·         Especially skin friendly

·         Optimal grid for wound dressing and skin protection

·         Ideal compression during the night

·         Washable at up to 95°

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 26 × 16 × 5 cm

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