Mediven® Ulcer 20:20 Pk of 2 Compression Liners for the Treatment of Venous Ulcers – 20 mmHg RAL


**Always clear the colour option for all styles to be visible**



  • Liner Pack Contains: 2 x Closed toe liners in white – 20 mmHg RAL

Mediven Ulcer compression liner to be used with as part of the 20:20 two layer kit system.

**Mediven® Ulcer Kit 20:20 Two Layer Stocking System can be purchased separately on our website**

Size Chart

Mediven® Ulcer Kit 20:20 Two Layer Stocking System


                   Leg Circumference (cm)

Size (colour mark)

Ankle cB

Calf cC

Below Knee cD

I      pink




II     blue




III    yellow




IV    red




V     grey




VI    green




VII  brown




Standard Length A-D: 39-44cm. (From below the knee to the ground)

Petite Length A-D: 34-38cm. (From below the knee to the ground)

Ankle cB: circumference at the narrowest above the ankle bone

Calf cC: circumference of calf at the widest

Below Knee cD: circumference under the knee

Style options:

Below knee only

Petite and standard

Sizes 1-7

The Mediven® Ulcer Kit 20:20 System Contains (can be purchased separately on our website):

1 x Mediven® plus open toe over stocking 20 mmHg (can also be purchased separately).

2 x Closed-toe underliner in white 20 mmHg (can also be purchased separately).

1 x easy-on applicator.

Mediven® Ulcer Kit.  20:20 Two Layer Stocking System The mediven® ulcer kit helps to manage venous ulcers without the bulk of a multi layer bandage system and the resources required.  By using two stockings together during the day (a liner and mediven® plus) each providing 20mmHg, the two stocking system applies the clinically proven healing pressure of 40mmHg at the ankle.

During all stages of venous ulcer therapy, consistent compression is particularly important.  The two stocking system gives a lightweight and effective method of applying accurate, graduated pressure to heal an active venous leg ulcer.  A tolerable resting pressure of 20mmHg can also be achieved by removing the top stocking. The medi two stocking system can be ordered as a kit or as individual components.


When to use

When it comes to healing venous leg ulcers, multi layer bandaging is recognised as a treatment of choice.  However, bandages need to be replaced weekly, patients can find them bulky and the pressure can’t be reduced at night for those who find it difficult to tolerate.


In the early stages of healing when the exudate level is heavy, a multi layer bandage system has its advantages. But, as the ulcer begins to heal and the exudate level reduces, e.g. during granulation/epithelialising phase, a two layer system such as the medi two stocking system will be appropriate.  It allows the patient to self-manage the ulcer by providing the required pressure to continue the healing process. It also allows the clinicians to manage their time more effectively.


The medi two stocking system is less has a less bulky profile, increased comfort and mobility.  It also has a greater degree of patient independence and self-confidence.  When the ulcer has healed, continue to wear a compression stocking to prevent recurrence.


This item is not refundable once used or tried on.

Warning! If using Medical Compression Hosiery for the first time, please consult your Doctor or a Medical Professional who will decide on the suitable compression for your condition.  If unsure, speak to our Limited Orthotic Practitioner for advice on 07951 762 390.

Additional information

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 26 × 16 × 4 cm

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