VenoTrain® Delight Flat-Knit Below Knee Stockings in Ccl 2 (23-32 mmHg) RAL Open Toe




VenoTrain® Delight Flat-Knit Below Knee Stockings Ccl 2 (23-32 mmHg) RAL – Open Toe

Size Options

Sizes: I – VI (1 – 6)

Short Length: 35-39 cm

Long Length: 40-44 cm

Support for severe vein problems

The veins are expected to perform enormous tasks, and can suffer considerably in turn: the list of functional impairments ranges from superficial venous thrombosis all the way to lymphedema.

VenoTrain delight is an effective flat-knit leg stocking with skin friendly, latex-free materials and exceptional fit that provides relief.  The elastic flat-knit material features comprehensive surface action and deep action.  VenoTrain delight promotes blood flow in the deep veins of the legs, counteracts lymph retention and relieves painful tension.

Maximum comfort even for long periods of wearing

The latex-free material makes the stocking easy to put on. VenoTrain delight is gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear on warm or cold days. Since the seams are extra flat, you don’t have to worry about irritated skin. It also does not cut into your skin, thanks to the special gripRelief® structure on the supportive band that bensures the item holds comfortably and securely in place.

An optional gel pad can be positioned behind the ankle if required, to target swelling and hardening in this area. This ensures the perfect fit and optimal function. And of course you can simply wash this compression stocking in your washing machine as usual.

Qualities: breathable double-stretch knit and extra-flat seams.


VenoTrain delight is used for the treatment of advanced/severe venous conditions as well as lymphoedema and lipoedema. The effective stocking adjusts to the shape of your leg, is easy to put on and low-maintenance since it can simply be cleaned in the washing machine. Enjoy intensive relief and maximum wearing comfort on warm and cold days!

  • Helps with pronounced varicose veins, lymphedema and lipedema
  • Counteracts the increasing tendency of swelling
  • Particularly gentle on the skin since it is latex-free


Class 2: 80% polyamide; 20% elastane


30 degrees

Do not tumble dry


Strong compression should only be used under the guidance of a medical professional.  If you have any questions, please contact us by email or call: 07951 762 390 to speak to our Limited Orthotic Practitioner.


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