Sigvaris Traditional 503 Natural Rubber Armsleeve with Support Strap No Mitten Ccl 2 (23-32mmHg) RAL


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The SIGVARIS 500 TRADITIONAL Series is the classic among compression stockings and is particularly suitable for men and women who must always wear compression stockings, e.g. in post-thrombotic syndrome, chronic venous insufficiency or lymphoedema. Numerous scientific studies have documented the medical effectiveness of 500 TRADITIONAL Series natural rubber quality products.

The material is largely resistance to fatigue and the highly elastic material maintains a constant level of compression throughout the day.  Therefore, it is recommended for the more serious indications, for long term therapy and to reinforce the benefits of therapy.


The knitted fabric is made from double-covered textured Elastodien yarn.  The soft natural rubber quality products retain their shape, extremely durable and tested to Eco Tex Standard 100.  Sigvaris organic biodegradeable fabric wash, Sigvaris SWS Washing solution is recommended for optimal care and protection of compression stockings.

Indications: For recent lymphoedema that will subside rapidly and are soft, post-mastectomy oedema occurring late following radiotherapy, post-operative and post-traumatic oedema after completion of basic treatment, polyarthritis in certain cases, treatment by elastic compression for burns and extensive scarring.

Contraindications: Unreduced lymphoedema. No liability accepted in case of nonobservance of contraindications.

This item is not refundable once used or tried on.


Warning! If using medical compression hosiery for the first time, please consult your doctor or a medical professional who will decide on the most suitable compression for your condition.  If unsure, speak to our Limited Orthotic Practitioner for advice on 07951 762 390.

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