Mediven® Esprit Flat Knit Glove with Compression Fingers Ccl 2 (23-32mmHg) RAL


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·         Treatment of lymphoedema, stages I, II and III

·         For postoperative and post traumatic oedema

·         After burns

Mediven Esprit ready to wear flat knit armsleeves and gloves provide a high working pressure but remain soft and comfortable due to the two way elastic stretch. The high quality fabric is so soft and pleasant to wear and has an attractive, discreet sheen.


·         Moisture is transported away rapidly from skin

·         Maximum pressure stability all day long

·         Supple knit and flat seams for wearing comfort

·         Wash and wear with machine programme for delicates, tumble dry on cool setting

·         Available as armsleeve with non-slip silicone topband, combined armsleeve with non-slip silicone topband and as gloves

·         Latex free and available in caramel

·         More colours available in made to measure

Available in 5 sizes

This item is not refundable once used or tried on.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 2 cm


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