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Compression Hosiery

Look no further in the supply of phlebology and lymphology compression garments, whether it be circular or flat knit, thrombosis prophylaxis and stump care. Our carefully selected garments are fashionable and conform to strict medical standards to provide relief for the lower leg and feet from varicose veins, poor circulation, oedema, lymphoedema or following a dermatological procedure.

Hernia and Scrotal Care

Men’s health is important to us at CozMedix. Wearing the correct truss for inguinal or scrotal hernia can help to control your hernia and prevent further complications such as a strangulation. Our suspensory bandages and jock straps can help to support, reduce scrotal oedema, act as protective barriers to the skin around the scrotum to prevent irritation from friction and following a varicocele procedure. We also have supports for umbilical and hiatus hernias.

Orthopaedic Care

Whether it be to completely immobilise a joint, reduce ROM, for stability, activate proprioception, correct muscular imbalance or reduce swelling, our orthopaedic products are carefully selected for their medical efficacy, high quality standard, wearing comfort and compliancy. They can help assist with musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation, treatment and recovery for best outcomes and injury prevention.

Hosiery Care and Accessories

Are you struggling with donning and doffing? Wear your compression hosiery with ease and also keep them looking and feeling as good as new for longer. By investing in quality care products, you’re not only protecting your clothing investment, but also helping to protect your skin. Check out our range of accessories for reducing tissue fibrosis and long-standing oedema.

Post-Mastectomy Care

From diagnosis to treatment and recovery, we hope to be part of every stage of your healing journey where you grow with confidence and feel good again! Choose from our range of breast care apparel including breast forms & shapers, beautiful bras with pockets, lingerie, lymphoedema care and more. This category is being updated regularly, please contact us if what you want is not yet listed.

Post-Surgical Wear

Following plastic surgery and other surgical procedures such as breast reduction/augmentation, breast segment and quadratic resection, facial surgery, post-caesarean section, abdominoplasty, liposuction, thoracic/abdominal surgery, broken ribs and dermatological procedure, wearing the right post-op garment is essential for healing, scar tissue compression/reduction, pressure points prevention, relieving lymph drainage channels and to keep the operated breast firmly in place.

Massage Therapy Treatments

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports & Remedial Massage
  • Relaxion Massage
  • Theragun

Everyone can benefit from having regular massages to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For athletes, sports professionals, cyclists, runners and gym goers, our massage treatments can help with muscle conditioning to prevent serious injury/re-injury/post-workout muscle soreness and maintain good joint mobility. For everyday people suffering from muscular pain, spasm, joint stiffness, shoulder/back issues due to work, prolonged sedentary habits, bad posture or injury, our massage treatments can help to reduce tension and stress to keep your body and mind healthy.


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Here at CozMedix, we specialise in cosmetic/medical products and hospital surgical appliances. We believe that wearing a medical appliance does not have to be a daunting or painful experience. Our aim is to reduce the lengthy waiting time, make you feel better and look great! We understand that everybody is an individual with different needs and our aim is to meet those needs and give you a unique shopping experience with us.

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